Event with The Home Depot Foundation – Building Raised Service Dog Beds

The Home Depot Foundation will be bringing 600 volunteers to Boca Raton April 30 and we are in the process of scouting projects our volunteers could potentially do that impact the lives of veterans. In other parts of the country we have partnered with nonprofit organizations to identify veterans with service dogs that could benefit from a raised dog bed for their dog (Plans and pictures attached). These dog beds sit about 6” off the floor and we put an orthopedic mattress in them so the dogs can get the appropriate rest for their daily work. This type of project allows us to bring attention to the invisible wounds of war as well as the critical role these dogs can play in supporting our veterans.

We are currently thinking of building 10 dogs beds for veterans and would cover the entire cost, including the transportation to the veteran’s home and some admin support to help identify veterans and other coordination as necessary

Vets Helping Heroes brought 18 Veteran/Service Dog Teams sponsored by Vets Helping Heroes in partnership with a training facility called Pawsitive Action Foundation located in Saint Cloud, Florida.

Update: The event was a great success.  Each of our Veteran/Service Dog teams received one of the raised dog beds that were build that day! See video and event photo gallery below.

Home Depot Foundation Event