Edwin Franco and Service Dog Nancy

Air Force veteran of over 14 years, Ed Franco served as an air and ground intelligence officer and was deployed to the Middle East, Central America, Africa, Central Asia, and South America. His job entailed human intelligence collection and analyzing data from external threats. This Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate and board member started learning aircraft mechanics at age 13 and now runs his own aviation company. But the Air Force left its memories, and as he managed anxiety and sleeplessness, his wife recommended that Ed find a service dog to ground him.

Ed has been matched with Nancy, a beautiful, affectionate black Labrador. “She has lots of energy,” he says. “She’s 100 percent focused, and when she wants to relax, she relaxes 100 percent.” Nancy definitely helps Ed relax. He doesn’t like to go outside at all, and typically only goes to work. If he must go to a store, he’s in and out as quickly as possible. “Having her by my side, I feel her breathing. She calms me,” he says.

Ed has two young sons who would like to walk    on trails with him, and Ed has a goal, too. “I’d like to go to birthday parties with them,” he says. Together, he and Nancy are sure to reach this goal. “She’s a fantastic animal. I’m so grateful!”