Ryan and Service Dog Junee

Back home Ryan has avoided normal family activities, places where people and crowds cause a hyper-vigilant reaction. Now that he’s met an energetic black Labrador named Junee—his new Veteran Service Dog—he’s hoping for a better life.
‘I want to be able to go with my family, see what my kids are doing,’ he shares. Ryan’s wife home-schools their four children, ages 4 to 12, and he’s been missing field trips and family outings because of the unpredictable reactions of PTSD.

As a radar operator with three years in the Army, Ryan’s deployment in Iraq is a memory of the past. But the future holds a fresh start and more independence, as Junee performs her check, block, and watch commands. Back home, Junee will soon enjoy some of Ryan’s favorite pastimes, including hiking, camping, and exploring in the woods.