Heather and Service Dog Verlin

Heather’s new service dog Verlin has been specifically trained to mitigate the symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

When Army veteran Heather deployed to Iraq, she knew the combat environment would be tough. However nothing prepared her for the nightmarish experiences she would experience there and the PTSD that followed. After three years in the Army, Heather is home with her husband and daughter. They are counting on her—and on a watchful yellow Goldador named Verlin.

Heather has been through therapy but so far nothing has helped. She believes that Verlin is her last and brightest hope. Hes been checking on me at night,” she says. We had a really strong bond right off the bat. He was hugging on me, loving on me, and watching my door at night.”

Heather’s PTSD symptoms include flashbacks, but shes learning to trust Verlins body language to focus on whats real. With Verlin by her side, Heathers tentative hope is growing. Two years ago, God made this dog for me,” she says. This is a divine appointment. Im right where I need to be and those puppy raisers were right where they needed to be, and I trust that.”