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Bolt the therapy dog breaks Alaska ice

Bolt the therapy dog breaks Alaska ice

When Bolt, a honey-colored golden retriever, saunters into a 176th Wing office suite, he’s greeted like a star quarterback or a local celebrity. Because wing Airmen vie for his attention during these periodic visits, they often stock their offices with chew toys and dog treats in an effort to give them an edge. One such…

Event with The Home Depot Foundation – Building Raised Service Dog Beds

The Home Depot Foundation will be bringing 600 volunteers to Boca Raton April 30 and we are in the process of scouting projects our volunteers could potentially do that impact the lives of veterans. In other parts of the country we have partnered with nonprofit organizations to identify veterans with service dogs that could benefit…

A Veteran Helping Other Heroes

By Mary Hladky Although retired Air Force Lt. Col. Mel Pollack’s military service ended decades ago, his commitment to service and veterans has endured. Pollack was on his 78th combat mission flying an F-4 Phantom when he was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese in 1967. He was imprisoned in the infamous “Hanoi…

November 11, 2008 PB Daily News

Col. George Day honored at Vets Helping Heroes weekend

November 28, 2008 Disabled World Article

Disabled World – Service Dogs for Disabled Vets

July 27, 2009 Fox News Article – “WWII Vet Doggedly Works to Get Canine Service Dogs for Wounded Warriors”

Fox News Hannity Blog – Vets Helping Heroes

September 7, 2010 Youngstown, Ohio Vindicator – Dogs are heroes to heroes


December 2010 Spectator Magazine – Extra Ordinary Hero


January 2011 Boca Observer – Paws for a Good Cause



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