"A Gift of Life" – A Documentary

"The Gift of Life", is the story of B-24 Bombardier, Lt. Irwin Stovroff, who survived being shot down and captured over Nazi occupied France, and his subsequent 13 months in a POW camp where he was isolated to be shot for being Jewish. Thankfully before that could happen, the camp was liberated by Russian Cossacks. After returning home, he was able to go to school, get married raise a family and enjoy a long and successful career. After retiring at the age of 75 he wanted to pay it forward and decided to volunteer at the local VA Hospital. His time there segued into the founding of Vets Helping Heroes. This film tells the whole story. You can witness the difference a trained assistance dog can make in the life of an injured soldier, learn about all the wonderful people who make the assistance dog possible, from Vets Helping Heroes to dog trainers, puppy raisers and the organizations dedicated to help our wounded warriors.

About the Director

Louis Molina came to the US. from El Salvador in 1968, with the plan to go to school in America, and then go back to work in his family’s business of television news production. He decided to stay in the US. after he met his wife. By the end of the 70’s he had degrees in Accounting and Motion Picture and TV Production.

In 1980 he worked for NBC news based in South Florida, as a Sound Technician covering the civil war in El Salvador,. For the next 15 years he had covered every major news story in Latin America for NBC. In addition to his work as a sound technician he produced, using his knowledge of the social, political and economic problems affecting the region. He was also required to be a cameraman whenever needed.

In the mid nineties he worked as a freelance cameraman, sound man or Producer for all the major networks in the US, Japan and Europe, working on documentaries, specials and news coverage all over the US and the world. He was part of an ABC news team that won the Alfred I. DuPont, Columbia University award: The Gold Baton for excellence in Broadcast Journalism for their coverage of Haiti.

During his 31 years of freelancing with news organizations all over the world he has had the pleasure of meeting and working with personalities including Barbara Walters, Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Dianne Sawyers, Richard Engle and more. He has covered the war in El Salvador, the Contra war in Nicaragua, the Falklands war in Argentina, the invasion of Granada, Panama and Haiti, the conflict in the Middle East and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and coverage of the story of Cuba and the US, with interviews of Fidel Castro by Maria Shriver and Dan Rather.

Recently he has worked for reality shows, like "Whose Wedding is it Anyway", "A Baby Story" and "Bringing Home Multiples". His last productions were social and sports events and corporate videos.

The list of documentaries Louis has under his belt is formidable. We have been truly blessed and honored that he has seen fit to create a documentary about Irwin Stovroff and Vets Helping Heroes. We knew for a long time that the documentary was in the works and we were of course anxious to see it. We never imagined just how incredible it would be. Everyone who has seen it has raved. Louis has created a shortened version (13 minutes) of the documentary so we could post it on the web. We are seeking an opportunity to get the full length version (94 minutes) seen by a larger audience. If you think you can help please contact us.

Watch a short version of the full length documentary

Contact Louis F Molina

Wide Angle Video Productions4719 Monroe St. Hollywood, Fl. 33021Phone: 954-981-2240Cell: 954-257-9866E-mail: Loumolina@comcast.netWeb site: Wideanglevideoproductions.comLou Molina Sr., Irwin Stovroff and Lou Molina Jr.

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